Banda Minerva is gaining its name among the competitors because of its unmatched quality of the synthetic turfs built on the newest technologies and designs. We ensure to give our customers the same realistic experience as the natural grass.

ARTIFICIAL TURF:  Artificial turfs are installed in those areas specially the indoors where the growth of natural grass is difficult or the maintenance is not possible. Artificial turfs that are made to be installed in outdoors have an additional drainage system for the exit of the rain water. The newest Banda Minerva good products have been synthetically treated with different chemicals to make them less abrasive, heat resistant and less hazardous.

SYNTHETIC TURF: Synthetic Turfs are preferred over the natural grass because they require low maintenance with no water, insecticides or pesticides and fertilizers. Synthetic turfs are used mostly in the sport stadiums, backyards, lawn and landscaping. Synthetic means other than natural but they give the same experience as the natural grass minus pollens and allergens. It is pet friendly and safe for the household application.

ARTIFICIAL GRASS: The idea of artificial grass was introduced in the late 1960’s. With the increasing popularity and demand new designs and technologies are implemented to make the best quality products. The synthetic fibers are first woven into long ropes. Through the carding machine these ropes are straightened and stretched into a yarn. Different pigments and anti-fade components are weaved within each fiber to make its physical appearance more like the natural grass.

SYNTHETIC GRASS: Synthetic grass is the ideal solution to make your backyards and play areas more attractive. Synthetic grass is always preferred over the natural grass because of its long-lasting nature. The padded surface of the synthetic grass makes the physical appearance more attractive and increases the playability because of less chances of injuries.

FAKE GRASS:Fake grass is actually the synthetic grass or the artificial grass that are widely being used in the golf and soccer stadiums, playgrounds and the residential backyards because of the low maintenance. The increasing popularity of the fake grass is because it does not requires any trimming and irrigation.

When you are looking for the artificial grass you want nothing but the best. Banda Minerva ensures to provide you the most innovative and advanced synthetic turfs. To improve the consumer friendliness we follow the guidelines and testing protocols to make our products the best.