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Synthetic turfs require no water and trimming is not just a slogan, but it’s a commitment offering the best artificial grass products to its consumers that Banda Minerva fulfills selflessly. Banda Minerva is the one leading artificial grass producing company among the competitors. Artificial grass is being widely used in the world because of its long-lasting durability; it is easier to maintain and requires no fertilizers and water for irrigation.

Artificial grass was first invented in 1960’s by the chemists. The manufacturing procedure was same as that of the carpet. Artificial grass is man-made and developed from the synthetic fibers that are woven together in a yard.

You can use the artificial turf by Banda Minerva synthetic turf almost everywhere. Sports clubs, school grounds, turf tennis court, cricket wickets, bowling surfaces, hockey fields, golf greens and home creation in all these places artificial turf can be installed. Into a backing fabric, a large number of needles are inserted into the filaments of fiber. After this a flexible adhesion, polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane is used. This adhesion is used to find fiber into the backing. The method is used in the manufacturing of artificial turf.

The substances that are used in the manufacturing of synthetic turf are processed with the chemical to make the turf less abrasive, resistant towards ultraviolet rays and water. In a hopper all the chemical elements are blended. After that addition of certain dyes and pigments is done that gives a natural green color and protection from sunlight. After the process of blending, a liquid mixture is acquired with a constant consistency which is then provided into an extruder, and long strands of fibers came out of it.   By a carding machine, the strands are whirled and form loose ropes. These formed ropes are pulled out in a yarn; they are straight. After this nylon yarn is heated to get the desired shape. In a tufting machine, ropes get a shape of carpet and then this manufactured artificial turf is delivered to the wholesaler. This synthetic turf is then exported to the commercial and residential areas.

The Banda Minerva makes all of its effort to give its best to the customers and to satisfy the needs of its customers. The newest materials and the modern technologies are used in the manufacturing of synthetic artificial turf. Believe in us as we deliver the best turf of the town.